Are you interested?

You need 

  • a higher education entrance qualification
  • a studies contract with an appropriate company to become en Engineer for Wood Technology

Information sessions are held 4 times a year at the College of Cooperative Education in Melle. But you can also contact us anytime by phone or  via email.


Financal Support

The College is supported by the association "Berufsakademie Holztechnik Melle e.V.", which was established in June 2000 by companies belonging to the furniture industry, by the town Melle and by the Landkreis Osnabrück. More than 60 companies belonging to the furniture industry work together with the College of Cooperative Education Melle as educational partnerns.



The monthly fees are 150 Euro for students and 230 Euro per month for firms with students.


Berufsakademie Melle Hochulreife Studienvertrag  Lehre Handwerk  Entrance education and costs